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Shed Upgrade

Upgrade your shed with our expert services. Create a functional and stylish space with insulation, custom shelving, and more. Contact us to start your project.


Shed Upgrade

Our Shed Upgrade Services Include:

  • Roofing Improvements: We can replace old, leaking roofs or upgrade your current roof to better materials that offer enhanced durability and weather resistance.

  • Interior Remodeling: From installing insulation and drywall to setting up custom shelving and storage solutions, we can transform the interior of your shed into a more functional and comfortable space.

  • Exterior Enhancements: We can refresh your shed’s look with new siding, paint, or stain to improve its durability and aesthetic appeal.

  • Floor Upgrades: Replace old, worn-out flooring or install new flooring options like concrete, wood, or tiles for a cleaner and more robust surface.

  • Door and Window Installation: Enhance access and ventilation with new doors and windows, which also improve the security and natural light in your shed.

  • Electrical Setup: We can wire your shed for electricity to support lighting, heating, cooling, and power tools, turning it into a fully functional workspace.

  • Custom Features: Whatever your vision, from a potting shed with built-in workbenches to a cozy backyard retreat with comfortable seating, we can customize your shed to suit your specific needs.


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